Due Date: maybe we'll have a pug jerking off this time

From the director of the hilarious hit, "The Hangover", Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark of "Iron Man") and Zach Galifianakis (Remember the guy with the jerking-off baby in "The Hangover"? Yeah, him.) stars in the upcoming movie Due Date. From the trailer, the style looks very similar to "The Hangover". It appears that Zach plays, again, a socially awkward character that basically makes everyone laugh with everything he does and says. Just for him, I'm definitely looking forward to this movie. Plus, I'm sure RDJ's awesome acting will give us the emotional/aww moments to balance out the jokes. Just check out the trailer above and you'll know what I mean :D


  1. definitely have to see this one. definitely

  2. This guy has really take off. He's in every other movie I see an ad for. I'll probably check this out.