So... I disappeared for a while to take care of school and starting this other website when BAM, I got banned from AdSense. And coincidentally, I had around $95 on my account. $5 more and I would've got my first cheque! Screw you, Google. I hate you.

Under Construction.

So I'm learning and working on a new code for my blog. I wish to include my photography and music covers on here as well. It's just taking forever to take on the learning on my own time because school's been getting really busy and I'm hitting a critical moment in my education. I'm a total novice in terms of HTML programming and website design, though I do have a pretty good sense of what looks good I'd say. Any ideas?

Saw VII was aite.

Rating: Almost awesome.
Pro: Ended with a mega-twist, just like all the other Saw's.
Con: Too much blood, just like all the other Saw's.

Just recently watched Saw VII, the so-called "Final Chapter". I'm sure they're gonna find another twist to make another movie on :D

Anyways, it was alright, still bloody and twisted as always. I was hoping that whole public scene was longer but it was only at the beginning.

I'd totally recommend this movie, though, for those who liked Saw I and II, when the blood and the story's balanced out. Plus, you see a lot of the characters from the previous ones as well ;)

Merry Christmas!

So I got a gangster portrait of me and- wait for it...


I hope you're all having an awesome Christmas as well :)


Project 1: Shiny Lights

Hi everyone! Sorry I disappeared for such a long time. School was riding me pretty hard. Winter Break is finally here! So what are your plans? I finally picked up my guitar and started learning it! Also, remember that Sparkles Lab Electronics Kit I got a while back? Well, here's Project 1! I'm so excited for more! :) Share some of your plans for this winter!