RED: who knew that the deadliest assassins were a bunch of old people

Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman, what more can I say about them? Off the top of my head, "Lucky Number Seven" was the only movie I can remember with both of these hot-shot actors. Even though neither of them were the protagonist, that movie was still a hit.
Anyways, they're back in the explosive RED (Retired and Extremely Dangerous, lolz) along with other big-shots (John Malkovich of "Con Air" and the upcoming "Transformers 3", Helen Mirren of "The Queen") as retired CIA agents from the DC Comics graphic novel. I've never really been a big fan of DC but from the look of this, guess I gotta start because this movie looks AWESOME. I mean, it's got the classical gangster Freeman and the action-packed "John McClane" BOTH in this crazy CGI-enhanced action movie. And course, "Cyrus the 'Virus' from "Con Air" and his creepy, twitchy appearance is essential for the laughs. See how sickly awesome this movie will be for yourself and check out the trailer above. WATCH HOW BRUCE WILLIS JUST WALKED OUT OF HIS SPINNING CAR! Be sure to hit the "Follow" button at the top and follow this blog!

By the way, due to Copyright laws, the trailer may not be visible to viewers of certain countries. If the YouTube video above does not work, check it out here. Sorry!


  1. they made bruce look so bad ass in this.

  2. haha i feel like that too when they make movies like this, a buncha old guys

  3. haven't actually seen it. looks good though, gonna need to get a copy of the DVD.