Monsters: an artsy version of District 9

So most of you have probably seen District 9. If not, WATCH IT ASAP; it was an AWESOME movie. But anyways, Monsters (2010.10.29) has a similar storyline as District 9: aliens landed on Earth and have become resident under government restrictions since. In this one though, it appears that the director (also the writer AND cinematographer O.o), Gareth Edwards, paid some extra attention designing the alien environment and creating the suspenseful atmosphere with visual graphics. Ring a bell? Of course he'd try to recreate the wooo effect James Cameron of the Avatar whipped out with his magical "Pandora". Anyways, from the trailer, it appears that a great chunk of the movie is focused around setting the history and feel of the alien-resided area. Then, there's the action-packed escape/fight scenes which, needless to say, looks pretty awesome/intense too. After all, Edwards (again, also the cinematographer) adopted District 9's infamous "free-hand camera" technique to further intensify the action. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that the writer (also Edwards ==) does the timing of the storyboard perfectly though: too much story time and less action time, or vice versa, is where most sci-fi directors fail. If he's got the timing down, this movie definitely looks like another kick-ass sci-fi >:)

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  1. i really liked district 9 ill look around for this one it looks pretty good