Hall Pass: if you think you can "tap that", think again.

From the directors of There's Something About Mary, Hall Pass shows us exactly what some married men's dream to be single again would look like. Starring hilarious Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis, this movie looks like a casual comedy, with bits of nudity, that aims to crush dreams and, sometimes, the self-esteem of some of us as the audience. For all you married man out there, watch this and stop dreaming about how you can still "hit that" at the local bar. I'd definitely recommend this for a date movie but I wouldn't go to a theatre just for this, maybe just a Friday-night-after-dinner-before-the-business event. But then again, I only go to theatres for graphically-awesome movies. Be sure to check out the hilarious trailer and just look forward to the DVD/BluRay version. Oh and by the way, if you loved the laughed at the joke at the end, I'm sure you'd like the show "How I Met Your Mother". I won't get into that just yet though. Don't forget to comment/follow! Thanks :)