Skyline: what would happen if we invited aliens to chill with us.


Isn't that snapshot up there cool? I love the camera angle and the epic sensation it gives.

Anyways, remember how NASA sent a message into space which basically went like, "Sup dudes! We're humans and we got a sweet planet with everything we need. Come chill with us!"? Well, this movie is what would happen if someone got that message. We've always imagined how we would befriend aliens and this cool, Star-Wars-like alliance would be established but Skyline, shows us a more realistic situation. You see, if we have a planet to brag about, aliens would want it because they're obviously short on space on their own planet(s). With crazy hi-tech UFOs and other awesome tech, their race is definitely super advanced, which means that they require massive amounts of resources. Our message in a bottle is basically an invitation. In short, this movie shows us the very likely situation that aliens coming to Earth would be like when white people discovered North America. I don't know about what your school taught you but that, wasn't awesome for the natives.

This movie looks super epic and awesome. From the trailer, there are definitely some nice scenes and pretty unique techniques in terms of storyboard and cinematography.I've also posted a clip released 2 days ago from a scene in the movie. Man, those biomechanical aliens look awesome. Honestly speaking though, there is a chance this movie might fail despite its really, really cool/awesome direction due to some the new actors/actresses. I can guarantee you that the graphics will be sick though. The directors of this movie, Brothers Strause, are pros at CGI. They're the visual wiz that brought us "300", "Titanic", "X-Men: The Last Stand", "The Day After Tomorrow", and the list goes on with several other MTV commercials and music videos. Check out the trailer and the awesome clip below and be sure to Follow or comment!

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