An Act of Pure Evil (Extremely Graphic Content)

This video contains an act of pure evil. This is worse than that U.S. soldier tossing a puppy down a cliff. I strongly suggest people that are easily disgusted and/or underage NOT to view this.

I am posting this video despite the horror and disgust this caused me because I find it really hard to believe that there are people in this world, people who are properly educated, that would consciously commit this horrible act.

The following link will open in a new tab and lead you to a Chinese website hosting the video. I do not wish to upload this onto YouTube because it is merely horrifying and will probably violate against YouTube policies.

Click HERE to view this video.

If you do not wish to view this video, read on to find out about what they did.

The video was filmed in a room with 3 girls but mainly on one. Before I saw what she did, I noticed that as the camera swung to show that there's a small audience (the other 2 girls), I noticed that there are 2 dead rabbits on the floor. The camera then goes back to the main girl as she proceeds to play around with the rabbit and stuffing it down her pocket. At some point, she was gonna sit on it but stood up.

This is when it happens: She picked up a rectangular piece of thick glass, placed it on top the rabbit, and sat on it.

She then shows the camera that the rabbit is dead. Blood is visible. She places the glass on top of the dead rabbit and sits on it again, this time attempting to make it flatter and balancing on it.

I am sorry if you were really horrified to see this but if you know how I can find out about who did this, please do let me know in the Comments section.


  1. Guess when someone says they want to post it on youtube I should stop reading :/
    Didnt watch the video. Didnt need to

  2. you are one of my favourite blogers

  3. you are one of my favourite blogers

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  5. I've seen a lot of horrible things in my day... but that is outright enraging. I can't think of any other way to describe it.

    I would seriously recommend revising your disclaimer to, "EXTREMELY GRAPHIC CONTENT." Just saying.

  6. By the way, this girl suffers from what's called sociopathy--a derangement of the personality and inability to feel emotion. They constitute 4% of the world's population. Classically, they're known as the child who tortured animals and grows up to use people to their advantage. They see life as a game of power, and that is it. There is nothing more elemental that you can find in the disorder.

    Read "The Sociopath Next Door" by Martha Strout PhD.

  7. I didn't watch the video, but just from your post, that sounds like a horrible act. I hope the perpetrators are brought to justice.

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  9. ouch :/

    I feel bad man. That wasnt cool. I dont want to watch the video cause ill get depressed. Kinda like that one kid that hng himself on video... sad :(