I Am Number Four: Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg strikes again

Say what? Yup, produced by extremely-hot-shots Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg, director of Eagle Eye brings the novel (also named "I Am Number Four") onto the big screens, with big bucks too, apparently. As projected by The Hollywood Reporter, the budget is estimated to be $50 to $60 million. In case you were wondering how much that is, the visually-intense "District 9" had a budget of $30 million. This movie is roughly double that, which is nothing less expected of Bay and Spielberg ;) Anyways, not too much of the story is revealed through the trailer, as it is Spielberg's style. The movie does seem very mysterious and intense though, and definitely full of action. And of course, as is Spielberg's every action movie, there is enough sci-fi and romance to balance it out. Hey look, it's Dianna Agron! Yes, the main character, who is an alien if you haven't figured it out, does fall in love with the gorgeous Quinn Fabray from Glee. She is b-e-a-u-tiful. Anyways, this movie looks AWESOME, as do all the movies I throw on here ;) Check it out and be sure to follow! :)

By the way, sorry for the late post. School and life's been pretty busy lately. I'll do my best to post daily. Thanks :)

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